Paypal Alternatives 2019 – Best International Money Transfer Sites

Paypal, the first online transaction platform that really took off. It offered an alternative to hard cash. When it was launched, it was unfathomable for people to consider that anything could replace hard cash. But replace it, it did. Today it is the leader in online market transactions having captured 80% of the market. It is available in 202 countries. 18% of all ecommerce transactions go through it. It has 203 million active users; it is the third most preferred mode of transaction after Visa and Master Card.

It is the go to place for online transactions for millennials, with 87% of all millennials preferring it to any other alternative. But to understand its success, you should also get to know the men behind it. It started out as Cofinity Inc which was founded by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk.  Elon Musk went on to launch Tesla.  Reid Hoffman Paypal’s COO at the time later founded LinkedIn. It was literally created by men who were pivotal in laying the groundwork for the digital age that we live in today.

But Paypal has its detractors too. For one it functions as a bank given its large user base but isn’t subjected to the same constraints that most banks are subjected too. Another grievance people have with Paypal is that it has been known to freeze accounts it deems are participating in questionable activity. While some freezes were lifted quickly, others took months to resolve. It can be quite bewildering to have your money frozen by the world’s premier transaction platform. Paypal has also been known to confront sellers who it says are offering unsavory products to its clients. Paypal being a transaction platform has no right to police what its users are selling or buying. So if you are looking for a Paypal alternative, you have come to the right place.

Best Paypal alternatives

Here are the best Paypal alternatives

A great Paypal alternative. One of the oldest and most popular payment gateway providers. Keep in mind that it only provides payment gateways and all other services that go with it. Authorize provides you with a fraud detection feature, a simplified checkout system, automated repeated billing, an information manager for customers and QuickBooks. It was recently acquired by Visa.



An awesome Paypal alternative. What is the number one aim of all payment gateways? To make all online payments as smooth and stress-free as possible. Klarna aims to do just that. It offers a wide variety of payment options including direct payments, pay after delivery and pay in installments. What can be more liberating than choosing how you pay your money. It has grown into one of Europe’s largest banks and provides a payment platform for over 60 million users in over 14 countries.

CC Bill

cc bill

We can’t stop gushing about this Paypal alternative. It supports all form of online payments for all types of business models. After all, a shopping outlet will have different payment requirements than a subscription-based service. But no matter what industry you work in, whether you are a buyer or a seller or both. CC Bill will help you out. It can process transactions from anywhere in the world. It prioritizes protecting your data and providing you with round the clock customer support.



A Paypal alternative for small business owners. Sign up with square and you get a fee square reader to swipe credit cards anywhere. Square is focused on helping small businesses get off the ground by being their one stop to fulfill all their payment needs. With its lightning fast credit card processing you get deposits no later than the next day. Its free Square point of Sale App lets you accept all forms of payments including cash and even gift cards. You can give digital or printed receipts; provide a variety of benefits such as refunds and discounts to your customers. You can manage your inventory on the fly and get detailed sales and analytics reports.

Amazon Pay

amazon pay

A Paypal alternative for Amazon users. Amazons very own payment processing service. With the sheer amount of merchandise that Amazon sells, it only makes sense for it to have its own payment service. You can either pay through your Amazon accounts or via external merchants. It stores your payment information to facilitate faster transactions. It is available in all countries that Amazon has a presence in. Amazon has even started offering EMI Payments through this service to a select few clients and will expand it to its wider user base later on.

Apple Pay

apple pay

A Paypal alternative for iOS users. Just like Amazon Apple has its very own payment gateway and digital wallet. It is capable of digitizing and replacing credit card or debit card pin-based transactions. You can use it to make payments on iOS apps, the web and even for peer to peer transactions. Recently Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs to offer its very own credit cards. This comes in the face of declining iPhone sales and as Apple seeks to make more money from its offered services.



A Paypal alternative for Indians. It is only reasonable to include India’s go to payment gateway while making a list of Paypal alternatives. The country is home to the worlds largest population, more and more of whom are joining the digital commerce space. But Paytm is decidedly different from Paypal. For one transaction are made through its digital wallet though it now allows for UPI transactions directly from your banks. In Paypal, the money is transferred directly to your bank account while this is not the case for Paytm. Paytm has branched out to offer bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards while Paypal remains first and foremost a payment gateway.



China’s very own Paypal alternative. Just like India, it is only fair to include the goto payment gateways of the world’s second-largest economy. Alipay has already overtaken Paypal as the world’s largest payment gateway way back in 2013. This feat is solely due to its mammoth presence in China home to the world’s largest population. Its user base is estimated to be around 870 million. With Alipay you can do everything from buying train tickets, to pay utility bills, manage your credit card payments, and even pay taxi drivers. It is your one-stop for all online payments. It is hard to truly appreciate its reach unless one is in China but trust me, life in China without Alipay is unfathomable.



It is so much more than a Paypal alternative. A messaging, social media and mobile payment app all in one. Released in 2011 by Tencent, it has grown to become the world’s largest stand-alone mobile app with over a billion monthly active users. It has been called a “Super App” by and “China’s app for everything”. Really its innovativeness ought to be applauded. Instead of foraying into a saturated digital payment space, Tencent leveraged its popularity with the gaming community to launch its own version of Facebook, Whats App and Paypal in one go. Why switch from your social media feed to pay your friends for the movie tickets, when you can do it all from the same place.

Google Pay

google pay

An up and coming Paypal alternative. Given how prevalent Google is even our daily lives with Gmail, Android etc. It made sense for Google to leverage its user base to introduce its very own payment gateway and digital wallet. Google pay has been catching one, especially in emerging markets like India where Paypal hasn’t made much headway. If it can capture a share of India’s online transaction space, it will become a powerful player in its own right.

Well that’s it. Our list of Paypal alternatives is complete. What alternative you choose is solely up to you and where you happen to be. In the west Paypal reigns supreme but it has failed to make inroads in Asia and everyone knows Asia is where the action is going to be in the future. With the world’s largest up and coming economies are poised to be from Asia. These include India, China, and Indonesia and let’s not forget Japan.

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