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Powerpoint Alternatives: A good presentation can mean the difference between a successful opportunity or one that slips your hands. You might have the best team, top of the line resources, but if you don’t make a good pitch. That’s it. Game over. In an era of hyper-competition with everyone clamoring to land the next big thing be it a contract, a coveted position, next client. A good presentation is crucial.

And when it comes to making good presentations nothing beats Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Word may be replaced by Google Docs, Excel is fending off rivals left, right and center, but Microsoft Powerpoint still reigns supreme. The idea of taking their presentation tasks anywhere else will leave most people shaking their heads. Is there even an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint? Most people will ask. Today we are here to tell you that yes there are viable alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Here are some alternatives to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Check out the competitors who give them a tough time in their field.

Best PowerPoint alternatives

Microsoft Powerpoint comes stacked with a lot of features which can be used for both personal and professional presentations. The user-friendly interface makes it one of the best options to choose. But if you are looking for some substitutions for it, then you should check this list out. It includes Powerpoint Alternatives free, Powerpoint Alternatives online for your classroom, students, teachers and more. Here are the best PowerPoint Alternatives:



One of the best PowerPoint alternatives out there. It lets you pick from hundreds of different templates that will go a long way in giving your presentations some much-needed credibility. Or you can use the content block to custom design your own templates from scratch.  Make your presentation more engaging by adding charts, audio, video. Add interactive elements to engross your audience. You can share your presentation online or offline or make it visible to a select few.


  • Availability of templates for projects and documents
  • Offline usability
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office
  • Content database
  • Safety and privacy

Official Website:

Haiku Deck

haiku deck

Raise your hand if you know what a haiku is. Haiku Deck is geared towards iOS and web users. It strives to clear away distractions so you can really focus on your work. Pick your own fonts, layouts and image filters to get a finish that will be the envy of graphic designers. Templates range from a Press release, startup pitch to recipes and vacation rentals. You can store your presentations in the cloud to facilitate easier access. You won’t find a better PowerPoint alternative.


  • View your decks wherever, remotely control your iPad, and see the decks you make in your device
  • Create slides with quotes or blocks of long text, with several layout options
  • You can use to create, edit, or view decks, with the syncing option across your devices

Official Website:



With Emaze you can create everything from websites to photo albums, ecards, blogs and of course presentations. You get to pick from hundreds of template designs to find the ones that are tuned to your voice. You can embed all types of media and social media feeds to transform your presentation to tell a story with visuals. Understand your audience and their expectations with their data collection and reporting system. Since a lot of your customers are likely to consume their content on their phones, make presentations that transition smoothly into their phones. No matter which part of the world your client comes from you can now share your message with them using automated translational tools. We dare you to find a better PowerPoint alternative.


  • You can sell your product with the help of Paypal Widget
  • Also, it enables you to import images directly from Google Photos, Facebook as well as Instagram
  • It has numerous font to choose from
  • Availability of Remote Presenting Tool enables you to show your work from anywhere

Official Website:



Harvard researchers find Prezi more engaging than PowerPoint. If you won’t listen to Harvard researchers then at least listen to us when we tell you that Prezi is one of the best Microsoft alternatives that you are ever likely to come across. A ton of free pictures, an array of customized charts, graphics and layouts let you impart your personal touch to your presentation.  One of its unique features it lets your audience zoom in on topics they like.


  • Drag and Drop interface allows easy import of documents and images
  • Permission Management enables flexibility of restriction and authorization
  • The third-party integration makes it easy to edit the documents

Official Website:



A product that is bundled with other iWork products as part of Apple’s very own software lineup. But among all those products, keynote stands out. An intuitive interface that intuitively grasps what tools you need and places them where you can easily find them. With Keynote you get to pick your own theme or customize it. Add special effects to your presentations to make them more inviting. An Object List tells you which slide has what and where.  Keynote presentations are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can’t go wrong with this PowerPoint alternative.


  • Either create your own master slides, background images, and page‑by‑page customization or choose from over 30 themes 
  • Use your iPhone to take a photo or scan a document and immediately see it in Keynote on your computer
  • Add and edit audio clips or notes to play in your presentations

Official Website:


Slides 10 Powerpoint Alternatives

A modern presentation tool that does everything online. Its live Present Mode lets you control what your viewers can see. Slides is open sourced so for all those looking for a more trustworthy PowerPoint alternative, Slide is your answer. Oh and don’t go confusing Slides with Google Slide, we are sure you will appreciate us for clearing that up. An online PowerPoint alternative on the rise.


  • Slides is available right from your browser without having to download
  • Contol what you want to show your viewers with Live Present Mode
  • Manage your presentation with your phone as a remote control with direct access to your speaker notes

Official Website:

Slide Dog

slide dog

It goes the extra mile by letting us combine PowerPoint’s, Prezis, PDF’s and more into one presentation. No more switching presentations in the middle of your pitch. You can remote control Slide Dog from any web-based device and broadcast your presentation live with live sharing. Gather real-time feedback via polls and comments on your presentation. It is more than just a PowerPoint alternative.


  • Combine any media into one multimedia presentation
  • Share your presentation at the click of a button with the live stream
  • Use Remote app to switch between presentation files, change slides, pause videos, and more.

Official Website:

Slide Bean


Make a pitch for everything from Airbnb to Uber with hundreds of design combinations. Track customer engagement in real-time to help you realize what you did right and where you went wrong. Another standout alternative to PowerPoint.


  • Cloud-based with easy sync and compatibility
  • No installation required with professional templates
  • Automatic formatting along with image and icon gallery
  • CSV import and online collaboration
  • High-end color palettes and premium fonts

Official Website:

Zoho Show

Zoho Show Powerpoint Alternatives
Zoho Show

An interface that subtly guides you as you make your presentations. Collaborate with teammates in real-time by critiquing each other’s work. Pick a template that you think will resonate with your clients. Add pictures, charts, effects as per requirements. We have no complaints about this PowerPoint alternative.


  • Share presentations even to the non-Zoho users
  • Supports remote broadcasting of presentations
  • Comes with Cloud-based Presentations, independent of any operating systems

Official Website:

Google Slides

google slides

No list of PowerPoint alternatives can be complete without this one. Create and Edit your presentations online where they are automatically saved to Google drive. You are constrained however by the size of each presentation which cannot exceed 100 MB. A PowerPoint alternative that will remind you of PowerPoint.


  • Create, share presentations online
  • Collaborate and edit with anyone in real-time
  • Publish your presentations to the web while you can embed them in your sites
  • Monitor, view speaker notes and host sessions of Q&A on your presentation time with Presenter View

Official Website:

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