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Python Alternatives: Python has been the most applied programming language by developers since recent times. There are many advantages of sneaking in through Python. Two strong points that stand in for Python are i.e, it is easy to read and also easy to learn. As Python uses simple English keywords it is very compatible for the user. Python is easy to interpret because it is designed in a user-friendly manner. Python has fewer syntax complications when compared with other programming languages.

Although Python is greatly stressed out on a user-friendly environment, there are a few setbacks too. Comparatively, Python is pretty slow to execute statements. Also, the language is less suitable for mobile and game development. Another one which disappoints in Python is the run time error. A programmer has the possibility to see bugs only during run time. Python has high memory consumption and is not used in web browsers because it is not secure. All of the above accounts for programmers to look for some alternatives. So, here are some top alternatives for Python you can delve into for web development.

Web Development Language Tools
Web Development Language Tools

Python Alternatives

If you are looking for some top web development language tools then this article is the right pick for you. We’ll go through some of the top alternatives you can switch onto for Python. Explore them below,

a) Java Script

JavaScript is the most essential front end web development platform. Many of the popular web platforms rely on it including the giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, etc. Although JavaScript is primarily a front-end language run on the browser, it can also be used on the server-side through Node.js to build scalable network applications. JavaScript is the friendliest programming languages for beginners since it has a flexible syntax and works across all major browsers.

Java Script

b) C/C++

C is one of those old school programming languages. It is well alive and well applicable as of today. There are dozens of languages in the C family that have been either derived from C or heavily influenced by its syntax, constructs and paradigms. These include several languages mentioned in this article, including Java, Objective-C and C#. If you ever want to build a high performance application then C remains a cool choice as ever. C++ is a direct successor of C language and is most flexible and most reliable in terms of object oriented languages. Therefore it serves as a better option when developing higher-level applications. C++ is a particularly popular choice for computer graphics, video games and virtual reality.

C&C++ Programming

c) PHP

This is a vital back-end tool for many websites. Hosting more than 83% of the web pages improvement and enhancement, PHP is clearly a cool web development tool for programmers. As PHP is a server-side scripting language it can be embedded within the template systems or used to enhance the functionality of the HTML web pages. PHP offers a number of frameworks, such as Laravel and Drupal, which help developers build applications faster and make them more robust, scalable and secure.

PHP: Python Alternatives

d) Swift

Swift is primarily used in the development of Apple’s products. If you are pretty much interested to look into Apple’s products and mobiles development then you can switch on to Swift. This has been a relatively new language used to develop iOS and MacOS applications. Developers use Swift to build powerful, high-performance, native iOS, macOS and Linux apps. Accordingly, Swift is intended to be a faster, more streamlined and easier to debug than its predecessor Objective-C. Swift has been optimized for performance and built from the ground up to match the realities of modern iOS development and hence stands up for the top alternatives for Python.

Swift: Python Alternatives

e) SQL

If you are a full stack and server-side developer then SQL is the right pick for you. Using SQL one can eject data from large computed databases which is a vital part of any web development. Due to this reason, SQL is in high demand among large companies such as Microsoft. If you are a regular worker on databases then SQL is the right pick for you. Thereby, SQL is the top choice alternative for web development tools like Python.


To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about the topmost and trending alternatives for web development language tool like Python. For some more interesting and important info in regards to tech and tech stuff, you can visit and delve into the best content on the web. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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