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Rabbit whose tagline reads “Watch anything with anyone” lets you share what you are watching with your friends. You can discuss the latest death in Game of Thrones, reminisce about your favorite moment in Friends and much more. With Rabbit you get to share recommendations, have discussions with your friends over your favorite TV shows in real time.

It’s not limited to tv and movies, however. Have you come across a Cat video that left you going awww, how about a meme that left you in splits. You can share it all on Rabbit. It’s basically What’s App for content.

Best Rabbit Alternatives

But Rabbit has plenty of alternatives and we have compiled a list of those alternatives.



A great Rabbit alternative. Watch2Gether is an online screen sharing service wherein users can sync their browser screens and simultaneously watch the same content. The service is available as a Chrome extension and on their website.



A truly inspired Rabbit alternative. Gaze is an online video sharing service that allows friends or loved ones to sync their YouTube or local file videos regardless of their distance. The service is limited to two users at a time and they need to have a webcam and mic. A great app for going on video dates without ever having to leave your home.


my circle tv

Have you heard of this Rabbit Alternative. CircleTV is a video sharing website that allows users to sync videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo with family and friends. Users can create a room and invite anyone they choose.

Sync Video

sync video

A truly great Rabbit alternative. It is an online video sharing extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The software allows users to register and create a private “room” wherein they can sync their video and watch it at the same time.

Netflix Party

netflix party

Rabbit alternatives don’t get any better than this. Netflix Party is an online video sharing service wherein users can directly sync their Netflix videos to a group of people simultaneously through creating a room. The service is available as a Google Chrome extension.



A great Rabbit alternative. Rave is a media viewing platform both for watching videos and texting at the same time. It hosts videos from YouTube, Viki, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and Dropbox.



A standout among all Rabbit alternatives. Airtime is a group video chat application for sharing videos & music together. Designed for Android and iOS, up to 10 users can react live to shared media contents from Youtube and Soundcloud.



Have you heard of this Rabbit alternative. ShareTube is an online video sharing service wherein users can create a viewing room and share their selected YouTube video to a group of people by inviting them to join. The website lets users interact through a text chat room.


sync video

An awesome Rabbit Alternative. Sync. Theater is a real-time video sharing app that allows users to create a room and sync their videos with their friends all around the world.

Let’s Watch it!

lets watch it

This rabbit alternative is second to none.Let’s Watch it! is an app for iMessage. It allows viewing and reacting to videos in real-time. Users can select live-streaming videos or search particular video, and invite contacts for sharing them.

So here is a list of Rabbit alternatives, we agree that none of them pack a punch like Rabbit, but they are all up and comers and anyone of them could be a breakout app. Won’t you be glad then that we told you about this app before? But at the same time we feel that Rabbit is in a class of its own, none of these apps come close to dethroning it.

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