Raspberry Pi Alternatives 2019 – Best Tiny Affordable Computers

The Raspberry Pi which made its debut in 2012, and from the outset, this hugely popular single-board computer (SBC) has undergone several modifications. In 2018, the Raspberry Pi saw the release of its successors Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Raspberry Pi 3 A+. While it’s not the only board maker on the market, it is by far the most popular. Still, it doesn’t lack for competition. Let’s check a few of those out.

Best Raspberry Pi alternatives

Here are the best Raspberry Pi alternatives

Odroid XU4

odroid xu4

A great Raspberry Pi alternative. The Odroid XU4 is a strong favorite Raspberry Pi competitor. It’s affordable, is larger than the Pi, and has fantastic operating system (OS) support. It has both impressive software and hardware.


udoo bolt

An amazing Raspberry Pi alternative. With its AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 graphics which is rough equivalent of a GTX 950m, the UDOO Bolt has no problems handling gaming, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) tasks.

Moreover, the UDOO Bolt retains its compatibility with 64-bit operating systems. It has been known to support Linux distro as well as Windows 10. For maker projects, there’s Arduino connectivity. With plenty in the name of storage options including M.2, SATA, eMMC, and USB 3.1, the UDOO Bolt is a true desktop replacement single-board computer.

Note: eMMC stands for embedded multimedia controller. It consists of a flash memory and a flash memory controller

SATA stands for Serial AT attachment. It connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives.

Asus tinker Board

asus tinker board

We love this Raspberry Pi alternative. The ASUS Tinker Board will not disappoint you in terms of power, a familiar form factor, and software compatibility that’s second to none. At its core, there’s a Rockchip RK3328 Cortex-A17 quad-core system on a chip (SoC), ARM Mali-T764 GPU, and 2GB of DDR3. Because the ASUS Tinker Board offers a 40-pin GPIO header and offers Raspberry Pi case compatibility, its support for accessories is worth mentioning. Coming to the ASUS Tinker Board S, there’s a 16GB eMMC, HDMI-CEC, enhanced power management, and a smart audio jack.

Latte Panda Alpha

latte panda alpha

You wont find a bettre Raspberry Pi alternative.Not for nothing is it called a tiny ultimate Windows and Linux device, the LattePanda Alpha maker board has a laundry list of useful features. Boasting Windows 10 support, Arduino compatibility, the LattePanda Alpha chooses to forgo ARM or Edison processing power. Instead, it has a quad-core Intel Celeron N4100 CPU. As such, the LattePanda can support a full version pf Windows 10 rather than Windows 10 IoT Core. Like the UDOO Bolt, it’s one of the premier single board computers on the market.

Banana Pi M64

banana pi m64

Have you tried this Raspberry Pi alternative? With a 64-bit quad-core SBC, the Banana Pi M64 doesn’t lack when it comes to specs. It has 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an 8GB eMMC. There’s an HDMI output and two USB 2.0 hosts. Its 64-bit system on a chip makes the Banana Pi M64 one of a kind. At its core, you’ll find a 1.2GH quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor.

RockPro 64

rockpro 64

It’s a viable Raspberry Pi alternative. With an RK3399 hexa-core dual ARM Cortex A72 and quad ARM Cortex A53 64-bit CPU, Mali T-860 GPU, and 4GB of RAM it’s well ahead of its competitors. Optional accessories include an eMMC module and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter. When it comes to connectors it has everything from a microSD slot to PCIe x4, USB 3.0 and 2.0, as well as Gigabit Ethernet.

Beaglebone Black

beaglebone black

A standout Raspberry Pi alternative. The BeagleBone Black gives you 512MB of RAM, a 1GHz processor, HDMI, and 2GB of eMMC. The features that make it a viable Raspberry alternative are increased connectivity and a better processor.

Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato


You can’t do better than this Raspberry Pi alternative. The Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC Renegade offers you fantastic perfomance. However, the Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato raises the stakes with a 1.512GHz processor, ARM Cortex-A53, Mali-450 MP3 GPU, and HDMI. This amalgamation of specs can easily handle 4K video output at 50 frames per second (FPS). It comes with either 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM.

Minnowboard Turbot

minnowboard turbot

It’s a truly great Raspberry Pi alternative. Tiny, affordable, yet powerful, the MinnowBoard Turbot knocks it out of the park when it comes to Intel HD Graphics. There’s a 64-bit Intel Atom SoC, and OS coverage which ranges from LInux to Windows 10 IoT core.

Odroid H2

odroid h2

Don’t rule out this Raspberry Pi alternative. Innovation inspired from the x86 Intel Gemini Lake SoC  is at the heart of the Odroid H2. Its CPU and GPU combo allow the  Odroid H2 to handle 4K video playback, Steam game streaming, and emulators such as Dolphin, Redream, and PPSPP.

We are honestly stumped. They are all such great alternatives but if we had to pick one it would be the Odroid XU4.

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