Read Deleted Messages: People are already into using more and more of social media platforms for intense communication. It all began from the revolutionary Facebook platform, slowly switching onto other growing applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. Whatsapp has been the charm among these applications which has gained significant popularity connecting people through just their phone number. Whatsapp has ensured that people connect with their pals anywhere in the world at a single click.

Social media applications
Social media applications

As every application has some bugs and updates which are proposed by people to deal with, Whatsapp too had some. Developers have not been so harsh to the proposed updates but definitely took some time to implement accordingly. Some features have still not been introduced. So, a similar mod application was developed named GB Whatsapp. This is a similar kind of application which almost has the same skins and features of Whatsapp but with improved features and great enhancements. One of the many developed features by GB Whatsapp was getting to read deleted messages. In this article, we will get to learn about how to read deleted messages on GB Whatsapp using relevant tricks and tips.

Read Deleted messages GB WhatsApp

Ever thought of regaining those messages and inched to have a glance at them once? I hope every person does that. To recollect your old messages and go through them irrespective of how sweet or sour they are is a haunted gesture. In the original Whatsapp, you might not find a solution to this but in the new GB Whatsapp application, you can simply follow two steps and get complete access to your old conversations. To read deleted messages on GB Whatsapp, let us explore some cool features developed by this application and then jump onto the related content.

GB Whatsapp Application
GB Whatsapp Application

Features of GB WhatsApp

Here are some of the cool features of GB WhatsApp which you might not find on your original WhatsApp application.

  • Revoke old messages.
  • Change last seen/Hide last seen.
  • Modify the latest location shared.
  • Using the Auto-reply feature you can reply to your conversations automatically.
  • Send timed messages. For example, you can send messages to your friends at a particular time by setting a time when to send. The best example can be a birthday wish at 12.00AM.
  • Send messages to a contact who is not listed in your contact list.
  • You can select all chats/conversations at once and perform listed actions.
  • Enabled video/image filters.
  • You can opt to ‘mark as read’ directly from the notification.
  • You can also use external players to watch content on GB Whatsapp.
  • One can also download their contact’s story without having to take a screenshot.

You can download GB WhatsApp’s latest version by visiting the link highlighted below. GB WhatsApp has been the best alternative for the original WhatsApp application with very premium features all for free.

Reading Deleted Messages – GB WhatsApp

In order to read your deleted messages from GB Whatsapp, here are a few steps you can follow.

a) Open your GB WhatsApp application.
On your device, open your GB Whatsapp application.

gbwhatsapp menu
GB Whatsapp App

b) Delve to Settings
Go to the settings option on your GB WhatsApp application.

c) Go to Privacy Settings
Delve onto privacy settings in your GB WhatsApp application.

Enable Anti-Revoke/Read deleted messages
Enable Anti-Revoke

d) Enable Anti-Revoke
At the bottom of your privacy settings, you can find the Enable Anti-Revoke option listed. Enable that in order for your messages to not get revoked.

Hence, you can get access to all your deleted messages further. This helps you to explore a new feature where you can actually turn back your decisions and recollect the old stuff.

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have successfully learned how to read deleted GB Whatsapp messages using relevant steps and tricks. For some interesting stuff in regard to the tech articles, you can visit earnigo.com and delve into cool content. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!