6 Reminder Apps for iPhone

This generation called the millennials is known for their ‘busy’ness. We are always rushing, and we hardly have time for ourselves. And remembering a simple birthday or an event becomes a difficult task. The old school method like noting it down on our journals is one way where we can get a track of important events, but in our busy schedules, we don’t remember to even look at it unless we are a hardcore journal fan.

In this technological era, the best way to remind ourselves about all the events and dates is setting a reminder of it on our phones or devices. And not every cellphone or PC has the best reminder apps. And also, not all apps work best when needed. This article gives you a list of apps that work for you the best. But don’t take out your journal, but note down the list of apps that will come handy when you need to set a reminder.

Reminder Apps for iPhone

Here is a list of six reminder apps for iPhone.


Todoist is a reminder app that tops the list. It is one of the most effective and useful to-do apps around and highly recommended reminder app for your iPhone. It is quite simple to get started with it. Just sign-in with either your Facebook profile or Google account. The features of todoist includes:

  • Todoist lets you keep your tasks organized from anywhere on all your devices. Everything stays in sync and accessible across every platform preventing you from losing track of anything.
  • Its smart Quick Add is the next best thing. Quick Add comes handy when you need to do your work quickly. It is the fastest way to add a new task, set a due date and time, attach a label, give your task a priority, and so on.
  • With Todoist, you can add due dates and times to your tasks. You can even create recurring or repeating due dates like “birthdays” and “everyday work”, to your list.
  • Todoist sends you a push notification or email when you set a reminder on it, so you never miss a thing.
  • Filters let you save your task searches so you can find the exact tasks you need in seconds.
  • A few more features include comments and file attachments, mobile and email reminders, location alerts, automatic backups, custom filters, access tasks via iCalendar, etc. that comes with a premium package.

Google Task

The Google Tasks app is a simple yet effective reminder app for your iPhone. With Google task, you can do the following:

  • You can quickly capture tasks anywhere where you further can create, view, edit and manage task lists with your most essential to-dos on the go from any device. You can also accomplish tasks created in Gmail or Calendar on the web from your mobile device
  • Add details as well as develop subtasks and edit information on any task as your work progresses.
  • View tasks created from emails. You can also create a task directly from an email in Gmail or view it in the side panel. You can also trace your task back to its source mail.
  • You can stay on track with due dates and notifications as you can set a due date for every task, organize your tasks by date and receive due date notification reminders to keep all of your task on track.
  • Google task comes with a G Suite for your business. It has powerful and intelligent apps to assist you with your business. You can leverage Google’s AI to bring data insights and analysis to every employee. Also, you can connect with your team seamlessly using one suite: Gmail, Tasks, Calendar & more.


Wunderlist is one of the easiest ways to plan your work. Whether you want to prepare a list for a holiday, share a shopping list with your partner or manage multiple work projects, everything can stay on track with Wunderlist.
Wunderlist comes with a package of features that will help you get all your work done.

  • The folder feature of Wunderlist gives you all the power to organize all of your lists and projects with the simplest of the way as dragging and dropping.
  • Comments, in Wunderlist, comes handy in your private lists when you want to add updates or notes for you to track your to-dos.
  • The share list feature is a great way to collaborate with friends, family, and work colleagues to work on little things. It is easier to let each person in your list know about the work where one can edit, check and un-check to-dos, assign, comment & attach files.
  • In Wunderlist you can set up repeating due days and one reminder for each to-do. To do so, tap or click on a task to open its ‘detail view’, to see the option ‘Set Due Dates and a Reminder’.
  • Tags help you filter your to-dos across multiple lists. You can use #tag for your to-dos in both the Desktop & mobile apps, and with just one click on the #hashtag, you’ll get a filter-view of all of the urgent to-dos across all your lists.

Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk is the quick reminder app for people who are busy and keep forgetting important task in the midst. With this app, you’ll never overlook to do anything again.

Remember the milk can help you in:

  • Remembering stuff that you might have forgotten.
  • You can get reminded of your task via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications.
  • You can also share your lists and give tasks to others to get the work done quickly and efficiently.
  • It helps you remain synced on all of your devices and manage your task effectively.
  • Remember the milk helps you organize according to priorities, repeats, due dates, lists, tags, and more.
  • Also, you can search your task and notes while saving your favorite searches as ‘Smart Lists’.
  • You can also view your task and see them that links with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and so on.

Things 3

Things 3 is a task management app and is quite simple to use. The key features of Things 3 include:

  • The function of ‘quickly add to your inbox’ is one of the things with most traditional inboxes and task manager but comes handy while creating a task as the to-do list.
  • Calendar events alongside the to-do is a neat feature that helps you get a track of dates along with your task.
  • Gesture in Things 3 is another excellent feature. This helps you drag a task into the inbox or multi-select all of the tasks to complete a task on the go.
  • Thing 3 help you add deadlines and times to a task that reminds you of the incomplete work.
  • The simple search feature in Things 3 is easy and handy while searching for a task. On iOS, you can pull-down for quick searches across the labels, tasks and projects.
  • Things 3 help you multi-select with gestures on your iOS device that saves a lot of time and help you multi-task at a time.
  • Things 3 also has the feature of sub-tasks that is very useful while you can add stages to an already existing task.


Microsoft To-Do is a reasonable and straightforward to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day. Whether it’s for work, school or home. You can

  • With Microsoft-to-list you can organise your day with smart Suggestions and complete the several important tasks, jobs or housework that needs your attention, every day.
  • You can also share the lists with your colleagues and family. The ‘List sharing’ enables you to collude on current lists and tasks and achieve your goals seamlessly.
  • Sometimes, a simple task can be overwhelming because of the cluster. You can break down your task into subtask. It allows any to-do to be broken down into smaller, more actionable pieces. It also maintains its performance state with the option of marking it as completed or incomplete.
  • You can quickly add, organise and schedule the to-dos on the go.
  • The ‘add notes to your tasks’ feature can help you add detailed notes to every task.
  • With To-do’s you can have a colour-coded list for each activity. The homework, shopping, packing list, your work projects and even your home DIY projects can get sorted out separately.
  • With the integration with Outlook Mail, you can view your tasks on your Outlook Desktop client or using the same Microsoft Account.

You can plan what you want to focus on each morning and give yourself a powerful productivity boost for the day. This simple to-do list apps mentioned above includes customizable themes, notes, reminders, due dates, smart Suggestions and syncing across multiple devices and not only iPhone.

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