How to remove Bloatware from Android Phones

Remove Bloatware from Android Phones: Nowadays Android devices have been so designed that they are implying their applications pre-installed on their devices. This might be worry some for the users but later on, it showcases its effects. Not using the pre-installed applications might affect your device’s performance. To get it into it closely, bloatware or unnecessary applications turn out to heat up your device or often tend to slow down.

You might uninstall them completely but the main flaw linked up with this that you might not be able to re-install it. For example, consider an in-built application from a company X. If you uninstall that application you might not find it on the Play Store to restore it. So, what are the other options other than uninstalling that application? In this article, let us go through the different steps linked up with removing Bloatware from Android phones.

Remove Bloatware from Android Phones

As discussed above, Android phones have been built-up with some bloatware applications which if not removed or disabled might become harmful. These apps might be built-in calculators, alarm applications, and stuff. If you are not using them regularly, they might end up bugging you. To avoid such problems you might want to remove bloatware from your Android Device.

Remove Bloatware from Android Phones

To directly remove bloatware from your device you can either uninstall those applications or can disable their actions. Uninstalling might not help you to gain it back if that app is not available on the Play Store. So, our suggestion would be to better go off with disabling the identified bloatware.

How to disable application and remove Bloatware

Here are a few steps you can follow to disable the application to remove bloatware from your Android device and remove Bloatware. Go through them below and find an in-built solution to all the bloatware problems.

a) Open Settings page
Unlock your device and swipe onto the Settings menu.


b) Delve into Applications
Open the applications settings available on the settings menu.


c) Open any Bloatware application
Now, open any bloatware application which you want to get rid of.

d) Tap on Disable
Under the app label you can find the Disable option listed. Tap on Disable to disable the application. This ensures that this app is no longer in operation and hence it does not get in the way or show any impact on how your device operates.

Open Bloatware App

Hence, you have successfully removed your device’s bloatware by following the above illustrated steps. In case if you want to enable that application, you can simply open the application settings and tap on enable.

Enable App

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned how to remove bloatware from the Android device. For some more interesting stuff in regard to tech articles, you can visit and delve into amazing content. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!


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