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SpeedOf.Me is an online internet speed testing tool which lets you test the speed of the internet. This tool comes handy when you have a doubt whether your Internet Service Provider is giving the speed for the plan you have been paying for. SpeedOf.Me tests bandwidth directly from the browser via HTML5.

Speed of the internet is a basic necessity when most of the work is based online whether it is a simple online shopping or streaming movies. The latter needs a high speed of internet or else there would be no fun in watching a movie that buffers more than playing. Also, you have a right to know if your ISP is providing you with what they promised for the money you have been paying.

How does SpeedOf.Me work?

SpeedOf.Me tests your internet connection by downloading or uploading sample files from your browser directly. It displays your actual browsing and download activity.

Download Speed: When you see the test of your download speed, you might wonder what is the process behind it. It is simple, as it starts by downloading the smallest sample size (128 KB). While it shows the real-time bandwidth graph, it also watches the download duration. Among all downloaded samples, your download speed is based on the latest sample file.

Upload Test: When the download test completes, a similar regular procedure to that of the download will be applied to send back data to SpeedOf.Me test server. The upload test begins with a smaller sample file and will gradually increase until it takes more than eight seconds to upload a sample file.

Smart Test Method: To ensure that your Internet connection is tested thoroughly, SpeedOf.Me tests your bandwidth in several passes. The sample file sizes consistently increase until it takes longer than eight seconds to download the sample file. As a result, SpeedOf.Me, unlike other speed tests, can measure connection speeds in a wide range. From a slow 10 Kbps Mobile GPRS to a swift 100 Mbps cable user (or even higher) automatically.

How to use SpeedOf.Me Test?

On learning how this speed test work, don’t get overwhelmed as the use of this tool is as simple as it could be. Follow these few steps:

Go to speedof.me website by clicking on the link. You will be directed to the page below

Speed Test

Click on the ‘Start Test’ option. The test immediately begins with the download speed

Speed Test

Then, the Upload Speed Tests follows

Speed Test

Lastly, in its final stage, it shows you the Latency report

Speed Test

With this, the test completes, and you will see the results on the screen. At the end of the test, you will see a repeat option which you can click if you want to take the test again. You will have an option to share your results on your social media accounts or simply save the link by copying it.

SpeedOf.Me Test Results

Here are the results of the tests that have been done for a few times:

TestPing/LatencyDownload Speed [Mbps]Upload Speed [Mbps]
Speed Test 119 ms40.66 Mbps42.41 Mbps
Speed Test 226 ms31.75 Mbps36.43 Mbps
Speed Test 326 ms29.21 Mbps26.51 Mbps
Speed Test 425 ms34.33Mbps29.38 Mbps
Speed Test 526 ms22.76 Mbps35.94 Mbps

The time taken to test the speed combining both download and upload speed was merely 30.9 seconds.

This test has shown completely different results of the download speed, where the upload speed has a gradual decrease. The test results may vary due to various circumstances and it doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with the server.

You can test your bandwidth with one or more of the internet speed test sites and compare that information with the high-speed plan for which you have signed up. The best way to confront your ISP for your slow internet connection is to test the internet speed your Internet Service Provider is providing.

Pros and Cons


  • Runs quickly and smoothly
  • Results can be shared and saved as an image
  • Uses HTML5 instead of Java or Flash
  • Works with both mobile and desktop browsers
  • Saves history of test results


  • Cluttered ads on the screen
  • Plain website
  • No option to register for an account to keep a longer history of results

SpeedOf.Me Speed Test Review

As soon as you open the site, you will see ads all over the screen. It can make you feel uneasy. But while there is a minor setback, the site comes with a superior speed test accuracy.

The interface is excellent and straightforward, although the looks might not be of the best ones. The options on the screens are responsive and smooth. They light up when you hover the cursor over them.

On average, the SpeedOf.Me Speed test took 4.3 seconds to load, and the entire test takes around 39.6 seconds to run, which is relatively normal for online speed tests.

SpeedOf.Me offers to store a complete history of your test results on their website. You can share your results on your social media accounts as well as save it as an image.

SpeedOf.Me tests your Internet speed directly from your web browser not through Flash or Java Plug-ins, unlike other speed tests that require plugins. It downloads large contiguous sample files which you usually do when downloading a webpage or media.

A few speed test service download small chunks in parallel and make substantial adjustments to calculate your approximate speed. SpeedOf.Me uses several test servers (PoPs) in various locations, which makes the test results more pragmatic. Why does it stand out from others? Because some sites have a completely different approach to it.

Some choose the nearest physical test server, probably inside your ISP. It is absurd because the speed between you and the selected server is always higher than your real speed (for connecting) to the rest of the Internet.

Imagine a user from Australia testing from the test server in the US. It is obvious that the result would be inaccurate again because the end-user is very far away from the testing server.

It is the reason that makes SpeedOf.Me an accurate and realistic speed test among others. This has been the acknowledged best of internet speed testers out there and rightfully so. It is safe and convenient to use on pretty much any device.


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