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How to take a Screenshot in Windows 10?

Screenshots are nothing but capturing the data on your system screen as an image file. You don’t need to download each and every detail on your system to share it. One can just capture the screen i.e, take a screenshot and share it immediately by accessing it in the system’s given access folder. Windows 10 provides you with various options to take a screenshot. In this guide you’ll get to know the simple methods on how to take a screenshot in Windows 10.

In the windows version taking a screenshot is very simple. It is just a matter of using two keys simultaneously. You can also click a screenshot of the window and paste it onto the paint application available in Windows. Windows allows its users to take screenshots in various methods and provides easy and quick access to them. Here are a simple tricks and tips on taking screenshots in Windows.

Taking a Screenshot in Windows 10

There are different methods one can follow to take a screenshot in Windows 10. You can either take a complete screenshot of your windows screen or you can just take the screenshot of the folder. One can also take the screenshot of only a part of the screen in Windows and also by using the Game bar.

Let us explore the four different and simple methods to take screenshots on Windows 10.

A) To capture the entire screen

To capture the entire screen you can use this method. Follow the steps illustrated below.
1) Press Windows key + Prnt scrn
2) Go the windows explorer by using Windows key + e and then go to pictures folder available in the left pane.
3) Open the screenshots folder in the pictures folder and then find your screenshot labelled as (Screenshot_number).

B) To capture a single folder

To capture only a single folder or application you have opened you can follow this method. Scroll down to know the steps you need to follow to capture a single folder.
1) Open the folder or the application of which you want to take the screenshot.
2) Press Alt+Prnt scrn
3) Open MS Paint and press CTRL V
4) This will paste the screenshot on the paint application and you can save it in the folder of your choice.

C) To take Screenshot of only a part of the Window

To take a screenshot of only a part of the window on your screen then you can go through this method. Here are a few steps to do so
1) Open Snipping tool. You can get access to it in Start>Programs>Accessories>snipping tool
2) Click on NEW
3) Select the shape you want to draw the screenshot to. You can select rectangular if you want to draw a rectangular strip or free form if you want to draw a shape of any form.
4) Save the form to your PC and get access to it.

D) To take Screenshot via the Game bar

To take a screenshot via the game bar tool, refer to the below steps.
1) Open your Windows screen you are intending to take a screenshot
2) Press Windows + G
3) Click the camera button to take a screenshot
4) You can also do this once the game bar is opened by pressing Windows+Alt+Prnt scrn.
5) You will find a notification where your screenshot is saved.

Hence, we have gone through some different methods on how to take a screenshot in Windows 10. Use the method of your convenience and choice.

To conclude: The above are the few methods to take screenshots in Windows 10. To explore and learn more interesting articles regarding tech stuff visit Comment your views below and share the content. Cheers!

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