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The Best CCTV Cameras


Best CCTV Cameras: CCTV cameras have been the latest trend and best protection appliances for a while now. They act as cool appliances for monitoring and extra security. CCTV’s – Closed Circuit Television systems might appear a bit old fashioned when compared to cloud-based visions, but are an added enterprise for homes, offices, and other places where security is a must.

There are a lot number of CCTV cameras and models in the market today. We might not be able to judge which one to choose for our own use. There is not a need to worry about that because we have handpicked a few models which might suit your interests. CCTVs act as beware signs in your installed places by alarming the robbers or burglars that they are under check.

Best CCTV Cameras

Cameras have been playing a major part in our lives. Whether it be CCTV cameras, bullet cameras, or smartphone cameras, they have been a major breakthrough in every situation. They help us in all ways from memories to surveillance. If you are intending to buy out some cameras for your home, office, or personal use, here are some best buys to look for.
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CCTV cameras are potentially very handy to use and hence their usage has not been limited over the past years. People are now more inclined to getting a CCTV installed in their homes, workplaces, private rooms, etc. so that they can always keep the suspicious people in check. Here are our top picks for CCTVs which are affordable.

1) D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

D3D Wireless CCTV Camera
D3D Wireless HD CCTV Camera

Product Name: D3D Wireless HD WiFi CCTV Camera | Price: Rs. 2270/-

Brand- D3D | Price: Rs. 2270/- | Item Weight– 490 grams| Package Dimensions– 12 x 11 x 11 cm | Digital Storage Capacity– 128 GB | Connector Type– Wi-Fi | Operating System– Android, iOS | Compatible Devices– Android, iPhone & PC | Hardware Platform– Tablet |

D3D Wireless HD CCTV Indoor Security Camera Review

The D3D Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor security camera comes with a clear and crisp HD picture supporting cloud storage too. It also possesses the 128 GB micro SD card and Email notification. It supports an optical zoom of 2X and also with Wi-Fi connection enabled. This device is compatible with Android, iOS, and also PC thereby making it the best suit for any kind of operating system.


  • Live video: Monitor anytime and from anywhere.
  • Using the mobile application camera can be rotated at 355° horizontally & 110° vertically.
  • Easy installation in 5-10 mins.


  • Cannot expect HD Quality at this price.
  • No fast forward option is present hence making it difficult to monitor past tapes.

2) Sricam WiFi Wireless SP007

Sricam Outdoor CCTV Camera
SriCam Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Product Name: Sricam WiFi Wireless SP007 | Price: Rs. 3190/-

Brand– Sricam | Item Weight- 649 grams | Dimensions– 21.2 x 13.6 x 9.4 cm | Connector Type– WiFi | Video Capture Resolution– 1080p | Hardware Platform– PC, Laptop, Smartphone |

Sricam WiFi Wireless CCTV Camera Review

Sricam WiFi Wireless SP007 comes with a high definition recording support and hence can capture footage at 720p HD. This CCTV camera because of its cool specifications gets into the list of the top and best CCTV cameras in India. Also, it is IP66 water resistant and thereby can be used in all weather conditions. The video and audio can be recorded to an SD card up to 128GB that can be easily installed on the device. You may also choose to a remote PC. If you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, you can download the app for mobile surveillance.


  • Comes with IP66 waterproof and hence can be used across all weather conditions.
  • Supports High Definition recording.
  • Can be connected to WiFi and hence can interfaced from any part of the world when connected to a network.


  • Sometimes disconnects itself.
  • Maximum distance recording is 10m-15m.

3) Mi 360° Home Security Camera

Mi Home CCTV Camera
Mi 360 degree Home Security Camera

Product Name: Mi 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera | Price: Rs. 2,699/-

Brand– Mi | Item Weight- 240 grams | Dimensions– 7.8 x 7.8 x 11.8 cm | Connection Type– WiFi | Optical Sensor Resolution– 2X | Minimum Focal Length– 3.9 millimeters | Self Timer– Yes |

Mi 360° Home Security Camera Review

The Mi home camera comes with a 360-degree full view and 1080p recording feature which stands as a cool feature for this pricing. Using the 360-degree view you can get to access all of your places from any angle. With Mi Camera’s 20 megapixels, 1080p resolution and wide dynamic range, even distant backgrounds are clear and detailed. The f2.1 aperture allows more light intake, while the 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increases visibility. The camera is pre-installed with the rotation base and can be placed on a table, window, ceiling or wall. Inverted installation is possible with a minor camera setting change. With all of these specs, this CCTV camera hits into the list of the best CCTV cameras in India.


  • 360-degree vision.
  • AI motion detection alert.
  • You can install it upright or inverted.
  • 2- way talk back feature.


  • No cloud storage.
  • Software bugs.

4) YAOJIN W11 2MP WiFi CCTV Camera

Product Name: YAOJIN W11 WiFi CCTV Camera | Price: Rs. 2149/-

Brand– YAOJIN | Item Weight– 358 grams | Dimensions– 14.8 x 14.4 x 9.6 cm | Connection Type– WiFi | Compatible Devices– iPhone and Android | Video Capture Resolution– 1080p |

YAOJIN W11 2MP WiFi CCTV Camera Review

Quoted as one of the best CCTV cameras in India, with the YAOJIN CCTV camera you can take HD pictures in 1080p detail giving you a clear cut picture. The CCTV camera instantly detects motion and sends an alert to your email and phone immediately. Hence, you are aware and always notified about any movements even if you are not around or away on a trip. The security camera allows flexible installation at your home. It can be wall mounted, supported flat or simply hoisted over a high place as per your convenience or the need of the hour. Also, the security camera features a pan tilt and zoom angle which gives a remarkable view with super wide 110-degree viewing angle. The pan and tilt give a complete 355-degree coverage which can be viewed from up/down/left/right angles as per your convenience.


  • Motion Detection and Instant alert
  • Two-way audio
  • Flexible Installation


  • Takes time to reconnect
  • You might have to remove and add the camera back to the app to enable connection from internet.

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about the best CCTV cameras for home, office, and outdoors. If you are looking for some best buys in town, you can navigate to our Best Buys articles for all sorts of buying and reviewing stuff. For some more articles in regard to tech and lifestyle, you can visit our home page- Earnigo Articles and delve into the best stuff on the net. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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