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The Best Projectors of 2019


Best Projectors: From watching in theatres to making your own home a mini-theatre, Projectors have driven us in such a way. The use of projectors has always been on the rise no matter how many alternatives have added up to it. Using these projectors one can magnify their viewing range in a small environment. In this article, we will look into the best projectors available on the net.

With the rise of technology, Projectors and its models have also been onto a rise with their specifications. Now, Projectors offer us a view of 4K HD which holds more aspect ratio. From watching your favorite series to accessing your gallery on a bigger picture, these projectors have been serving us in a better way. Also, some might have the feeling of these projectors are placed at a higher cost, but that’s not the case here. People might think that TV’s also serve the same purpose, but the fact is that they do not project a 75 mm picture on a bigger wall.

Best Projectors

Some projectors might require top-class sound systems for their detailed functioning. Or, some might just focus on the idea of having a cool 32 inches smart TV. So, for your better reviewing experience, we have detailed info of every aspect you search for. Here are some of our top picks for best buys you can visit,
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Installing a projector is pretty easy while most people think it is complicated. Also, a projector takes less space when compared to other digital electronic products. If you are looking to install a projector in your office, home, indoors, or any other, then here are a few handpicked projectors trending on the net today.

1) Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

Epson EB-S41 Projector- Best Projectors
Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

Product Name: Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector | Price: Rs. 27,999/-

Brand- Epson | Item Weight- 2.5 Kgs | Product Dimensions- 30.2 x 23.7 x 8.2 cm | Aspect Ratio- 16:9 | Connector Type- HDMI | Horizontal Resolution– 800 pixels | Max Vertical Resolution– 600 pixels | Digital Zoom– 1.35X | Wattage– 282 Watts |

Epson EB-S41 SVGA Review

The Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector is ideal for meetings and huddle rooms in your places. Being priced at a reasonable rate, The Epson EB-S41 projector stands in the list of the cheap and best projectors in India. It possesses a digital zoom of 1.35X with a horizontal resolution of 800 pixels and a vertical resolution of 600 pixels. With the easy-to-use sliding Horizontal Keystone Adjuster, screen corrections can be done quickly, easily and accurately, even in a limited space. Another main feature of this Epson projector is that it possesses a brightness of 3300lm with an HDMI port connection.


  • Very bright projections.
  • Value for money.
  • Multiple Connection options for PC.


  • Resolution might be a problem for a few looking for much higher quality.
  • Screen mirroring seems complicated sometimes.

2) EGATE P9 LED Projector

EGATE P9 LED Projector- Best projectors
EGATE P9 LED Projector

Product Name: EGATE P9 LED Projector | Price: Rs. 15,990/-

Brand- EGATE | Item Weight- 2.35 Kgs | Product Dimensions– 29.5 x 20.5 x 10.5 cm | Display Resolution– 1920 X 1080 | Display Technology/Type– LED/LCD | Signal to Noise Ratio– 28 |

EGATE P9 LED Projector Review

The EGATE P9 LED Projector is the best suit for homes and offices where the detailed projection is a must. This projector displays true color, clear high-definition images, optimized brightness, and contrast ratio for maximum optimization. You can connect your mobile, computer, laptop, set-top box, and many more gadgets to this projector. With all of these specs, EGATE P9 LED projector stands in the list of the cheap and best projectors in India.


  • Good Metallic quality and picture quality
  • You can connect this to all connections available like HDMI port, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc.


  • Lens cover is absent.

3) BOSS S13 Multimedia Portable Projector

Boss S13 Multi media portable projector.
BOSS S13 Portable Projector

Product Name: BOSS S13 Portable Projector | Price: Rs. 24,999/-

Brand- Boss | Item Weight- 2.5 Kgs | Product Dimensions- 28 X 18 X 12 cm | Display Resolution– 1080p Full HD | Contrast Ratio– 4000:1 | Projection Size– 30-150 inches | Aspect Ratio– 16:9 and 4:3 | Minimum Projection distance– 1-5 meters, Adjustable | Native Resoution– 1920×1080 |

BOSS S13 Multimedia Portable Projector Review

This projector is the best mid-range projectors in India. BOSS S13 multimedia portable projector can deal with a projection distance of 1.1-3.55 meters giving out no UV rays. The good thing is that the LED lamp works for over 60,000 hours supporting 3D. The 3000 lumens with 3000:1 contrast ratio can maximize the use of LED luminous efficiency. It could produce clearer and more colorful vivid image making you see the true-to-life image.


  • Size is portable and easy to carry
  • Built-in audio is effective for home purposes.


  • No brightness increase or decrease option.
  • Not applicable under excessive lighting conditions. A home tube light must be fine to deal with.

4) BENQ MX535P Projector

BENQ Projector-Best projectors
BENQ MX535P Projector

Product Name: BENQ MX535P Projector | Price: Rs. 34,790/-

Brand- BENQ | Item Weight- 3.58 Kgs | Product Dimensions– 43.6 x 33.6 x 14.2 cm| Connector Type- Dual HDMI | Display Resolution- 1024 X 768

BENQ MX535P Projector Review

Falling into the category of under 40000 projectors in India, the BENQ projector is the best value for money projector. The BENQ projector comes with a dual HDMI digital connectivity and also a 3600-lumen high brightness for stunning presentations. Also, it possesses a 15000:1 high native contrast for crisp readability. Although this projector does not support the 1080p detail, its 1024 setup is just enough to grab enough quality. It is also easy to set up this projector and its intuitive operation and hassle-free maintenance is a boon.


  • Good Resolution and picture quality.
  • Dual HDMI connection


  • An USB or SD Card option would be a great thing to see but unfortunately, it is not there.
  • A little on the higher side of the throw ratio.
  • No support for 1080p.

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about the best projectors available in the market. If you are looking for some more best buys for gadgets and other entities you can navigate to our Best buys topic page to find out some cool buys. For some important info in regard to the latest tech news, lifestyle updates, and stuff you can visit our home page Earnigo Articles and delve into some cool stuff. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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