Top 10 anime sites

Japanese anime is no longer limited to Japan. It has found a global audience. Series like Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto are veritable crowd pullers. With over hundreds of anime produced each season, Japans anime industry has something for everyone. Recently the anime Dragon ball Super opened to mind boggling numbers in the US. This indicates the industry’s ever growing fan base. But as far as we know our cable no Japanese channels in our cable subscriptions. How does then one go about watching anime?

Top 10 anime sites

Here is that list of top 10 anime sites


netflix anime

An awesome anime site. This may sound redundant but Netflix has an extensive anime collection. It has all the popular anime listings and keeps on acquiring more. Plus in recent, it has turned producer by rolling out hits like B: The Beginning and Devil May Cry. Clearly, Netflix has got wind of the phenomenon that is anime.

Amazon Prime

amazon prime anime

A great anime site. I know, I know another paid service but it has a burgeoning collection of anime that it seems determined to add to. A serious drawback with this service is that it comes with Geo Restrictions.



A kickass anime site. Another paid service, with a free first month. It has the biggest collection of high-quality anime and updates it constantly. Though it too comes with geo restrictions.



We are in love with this anime site. An example of a good site that seems to have left its good days behind. Although it has a great collection of anime that you can stream or download, you will be inundated with popups that will make you rip your hair out. Kissanime has some serious work ahead if it wants to retain its previous glory.



have you tried this anime anime site?Another paid service with the choicest of anime, its list of titles is impressive. It’s geo restrictions however are not.


A standout among anime sites. It’s a quintessential Japanese site-bright and loud. Somehow it always reminds me of Naruto. You can find both dubbed and subbed versions of anime here. Though the dubbed versiuons of longer running series might be a bit behind. It even has its own app. That’s one anime website here to stay.


Can anime sites get any better than this?It has little in the way of ads. You can find all anime here both to stream or download.

Anime 44


We are in love with this anime site. An inviting interface with a never ending list of anime. Whats not to like?



What’s not too like about this anime site? With an update speed that is 10 times faster than other sites, this is one anime site that takes its users seriously. W are impressed!



A great anime site. The subbed versions here are free but the dubbed ones come with a premium. It too has some geo restrictions.


If you are looking to download anime might we suggest it has an expansive anime collection with 480p, 720p, 1080p prints.

Another site to check out is you will find anime movies, series in 1080p, 720p, Blu ray even. This one is for hardcore anime fans.

Well, that’s all we have for our anime fans. Our recommendation would be to stick with Netflix. It knows what a huge draw anime is and will keep adding to its collection. Plus its free.

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