Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

SEO or search engine optimization is crucial to the success of any website. You need to be ranked higher in order to get views. Not only does your material have to be SEO optimized, but your website to be tailored for SEO as well, if it wants to POP on Google search results. SEO optimized websites have SEO optimization in their very codes. You should be cognizant of various factors when creating SEO optimized websites such as the aesthetic of the website should be visually pleasing, the website should be responsive. It should perform flawlessly in screens of all shapes and sizes. It should have cross-browser functionality. Does your website open only in chrome or Firefox, then what about all those opera mini browsers out there? Your website should be multi lingual; it should have a translation ready theme to cater to people of all tongues. Is your website convenient? A convenient website is organized, remember that.

Now that we have given you a brief idea about what makes for an SEO optimized website, let’s get into the various SEO themes out there.

Top 10 Free WordPress themes

Here are the top 10 free WordPress themes out there

MH WordPress 

MH wordpress theme

A great free WordPress theme. It’s WordPress theme is ideal for websites that are pushing a lot of content on a regular basis.

Due to this SEO optimized theme, your target audience will have no trouble finding your content if it coincides with their search.  Post-arrival, they won’t have any trouble finding what they are looking for. Its multiple navigational will make sure that they don’t wander aimlessly and have no trouble finding their way around. Make sure your visitors linger for longer periods of time and consume more of your content, you can use the custom menu feature and bespoke widget selection to give your readers a chance to browse other articles on this website. If you are looking to make money off of your website with adverts, the theme offers plenty in terms of ad locations for advertisements. The SEO-friendliness of this theme and its navigational aids help you pull in more traffic.

SEO Crawler

seo crawler

An inspired free WordPress themes. It is a customizable search engine friendly WordPress theme with a professional design. After availing this theme, you will have your pick of three fully featured website demos, which you can assimilate into your website with just a few clicks. Now you can proceed to add your own content. With the GoodLayers page builder tool, you can give custom designs to your content. SEO Crawler comes with 19 one of a kind header designs, theme settings and options, Google Fonts integration, and nine different portfolio layouts. With SEO Crawler your website loads instantaneously. Your site will also be able to accommodate smartphone and tablet user. SEO Crawler is compatible with Yoast SEO, the leading search engine optimization plugin for WordPress, giving your website the edge that it needs to stand out.


gem wordpress theme

A standout among free WordPress themes. It gives you fast loading, mobile friendliness, and secure code. With Gem, your website will also be compatible with leading SEO plugins like Yeast SEO. Sometimes a highly SEO optimized theme is found lacking in terms of design and features but that’s not the case with Gem. Over a 100 website demos ready to be integrated into your WordPress site in just a few clicks, TheGem is the perfect choice for a wide variety of projects. You can tackle anything from blogs and business homepages to e-commerce stores and hotel booking websites, the pre-built website content from. With an impressive array of customization options and settings, as well as premium web design plugins like Visual Composer, makes it easier to make your website your own.


POFO wordpress theme

A really great free WordPress theme. With a multitude of designs covering everything from portfolios, blogs, agencies, e-commerce stores, and more. Although the pre-built content of Pofo works equally well for creative sites to those with a more corporate bend, if you can’t find a design that speaks to you then you will find its drag-and-drop page builder tool useful. Thanks to the pre-WPBakery Page Builder plugin  – you can tweak the pre-built demo content or create your own unique homepage and inner page designs from the ground up, using a front-end drag-and-drop user interface.

With Pofo you have complete control over fonts, colors, layouts etc. It has top of the line social media integration tools, custom sidebars and widgets. You also get your under construction and maintenance modes that can be used while you update your websites.


schema word press theme

What a great free WordPress theme? With impressive site speed that is crucial for capitalizing SEO parameters to obtain a good ranking in the search engines. Other factors that make Schema a stand out are support for snippets that help search engines in ranking your content.  You can also display reviews and rating in search engine results. Schema’s design looks just as good on a smartphone as it would on a 15-inch laptop. It comes with its very own review system, lots of customization options, and a library of shortcodes. With Schema you should have no trouble directing traffic to your website.


genesis word press theme

You must have heard of this free WordPress theme. Genesis websites have been known to load fast, have a clean and responsive code, and simple layouts with an emphasis on user-friendliness, a website built with this theme has excellent prospects of ranking well in the search engines. While you won’t drown in a sea of features and customizations as is the case with most WordPress themes, you will nevertheless be satisfied with the end result.


x wordpress theme

A rising star among free WordPress themes. It is a new entrant to the WordPress theme arena though it has quickly made its presence felt. Since loading time is vital to good SEO rankings, it makes sure there is no errant code running in the background slowing your system down. Other goodies that come with it include clean code, the use of semantic HTML5 markup, and lots of features and elements for improving click-through rates and a reducing bounce rate.

Click through rates are ad clicks divide by impressions, views and queries times 100. So if your content got a thousand views and 7 ad clicks your click through rate would be 0.7%. Bounce rates are the percentage of visits where a person leaves your website immediately after coming on the landing page without exploring your website any further.

The 7

the 7 wordpress theme

We are really impressed with this free wordpress theme. With The7 you can design your website from two design modes. Both designs are high quality and come with comprehensive customization options, you won’t be lacking in choices while adding your personal touches to your website.

Along with impressive and flexible designs, The7 includes comes with some of the most popular features and tools found in web design today. This includes integration with the Visual Composer page builder tool, two premium content slider plugins , translation and multilingual capabilities and a large number of pre-built page layouts. All of the features and options mentioned above combined with an adaptable and responsive layout make it a pioneer in SEO themes.

Socially Viral

socially viral wordpress theme

We can’t stop gushing about this free WordPress theme. As search engines like Google are becoming increasingly reliant on the popularity of websites on social networks to determine their rankings, using a fast loading theme that can raise shares on social media is a great way to go about improving the social media ranking of your website. While some websites aim to go viral by relying overtly on social media, do so at the cost of good web designs. With a clean layout that emphasizes content presentation, besides inviting share buttons, search engines will quickly pick up on its popularity thanks to its social media footprint. The handy ‘you may also like’ is aimed at retaining users on your site for as long as possible.


jkreativ word press theme

We have nothing but praise for this free WordPress theme. Its support for Google Authorship and compatibility with the top SEO plugins for WordPress lets Jkreativ bump your search engine rankings while giving you lots in the name of customs and features. With the WordPress Customizer tool, you can personalize your website you can make changes to the appearance of your website through self-learning controls that do a live preview of your adjustments in real time. Other notable features from Jkreativ that you might not find elsewhere in one package include page loader tools, custom right-clicks menus, one of the smoothest parallax effects out there, password protected portfolios, a shortcode generator plus lots more.

So here you have the best of the best in SEO optimized themes for your websites. Let us know which one of them clicked with you. Although our personal recommendation would be MH WordPress.

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