Top 10 Websites for Freelancers

Being a freelancer is great; it’s a bit like living on the wild wild west. You work when you want, with whom you want and on your own terms. No hovering bosses, irritating coworkers, petty office politics. Freelancers life is truly free. You also get to try out something new every day, enhancing your skillset. No more stale monotonous tasks for you. But it also has its drawbacks mainly uncertainty regarding your next gig. There’s no steady paycheck here. You have to really earn your pay. Slacking off is not an option. But hey, freelancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are plenty of websites out there where freelancers can find steady work.

Websites for Freelancers

We have for you a list of top 10 freelancing websites to earn quick money.



A great website for freelancers. There’s work for everyone here from programmers to customer support reps. when someone posts a project here, Upwork analyzes their needs and uses data science to find a suitable match. Freelancers get to place bids and schedule chats with prospective employers. You will be judged on your previous works, qualifications, timelines etc. It also facilitates seamless file transfer and money transfer. Upwork facilitates payments in more than 170 countries with automatic invoice generation.



Another great website for freelancers. It has been around since 2004. Here freelancers can register for free and make bids for potential projects. Those registering for free are limited to 8 bids per month. You will be evaluated on your previous work and ratings. Here everyone from app designers to content writers can find relevant work. You can keep your employers updated about the progress of your work in real time and receive secured payments.



Have you tried this website for freelancers. Here prospective freelancers are called “Gurus”. Here you can find everything from financial to programming “gurus”. Once a prospective employer posts a job, you can place bids on them. Employers will then evaluate on your bids, body of work, ratings etc to see if you are suitable for the job. Thereafter they will initiate contact. Then you and your employer can create an agreement or framework on payments. You can choose to get payed by the hour, by task(i.e when the task is completed), by milestones( when you achieve certain milestones in your work). You can also set up recurring payments by the hour, week, month etc. All payments are secured by Guru.


people per hour

An inspired website for freelancers. Here you get access to a plethora of international projects. You can personalize your profile presenting yourself in the best possible light. Peopleperhour’s artificial intelligence will match you with the best projects pertaining to your skill and ability. You can then send quotations to prospective employers. You are limited to 15 free quotations per month, from there on you have to purchase credits in order to send more quotes. You also need to coordinate with your employers in real time to avoid compromising on quality. With its project stream service, you can collaborate with others on your project. You also don’t have to worry about clients reneging on payments since there are required to deposit a certain amount in escrow. This makes both parties act in good faith.



Websites for freelancers in blogging don’t get any better than this. It is a great place for those looking to make their voices heard either through blogging or podcasts. Today everyone has something to say but finding your voice and finding an audience for your voice can be difficult. Problogger helps you go from a budding blogger to a full-time blogging savant. Here not only will you find your audience but also learn how to monetize your blogs.

Freelance writing jobs

freelance writing jobs

A great website for freelance writers. Here you will find writing, content creating, publishing and blogging jobs.

Smashing magazine

smashing magazine

A great websites for freelancers in programming. It doubles as a web design magazine as well as a place for designers and programmers to find full time and part-time work.



A really great website for freelancers. It offers jobs in graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, lifestyle etc. Find perspective employers and get ready to roll.



A smashing website for freelancers. It claims to be a social network for freelancers. You can find everything writers to illustrators here. The website interface is minimalistic with a focus on job listings and freelancers profiles. You get to befriend fellow freelancers, update your completed job listings and get likes or kudos from employers and peers alike.

Text Broker


Have you come across this great website for freelancers. It makes buying content extremely easy. It is primarily used by companies to maintain their digital footprint. You can acquire quality, SEO optimized content in multiple languages with a few clicks of a mouse. Sellers will be protected from plagiarism. While signing up you have to write a sample article and you will receive a rating based on the said article. You rating can improve or plummet based on the quality of your work.

So here are the best websites for freelancers. We recommend you to go for UPwork since it offers the most range with secure payments. But going for niche websites isn’t a bad idea either since they will let you have your pick of jobs.

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