How to transfer screenshots from iPhone to Mac?: In today’s world photos and screenshot is some thing people can’t live without and I see that how much they love taking photos and screenshots with their iPhones or iPad, they don’t love that much the transferring of the photos or screenshots. For few shots Cable transfer and Dropbox synchronise may work but transferring photos from your iPhone in large quantity would be a definitely problem or you can say more a headache or in the simple words it is super time-absorbing.

Without going through any not needed details, considering you have iCloud in your phone, well don’t you ever think that why can’t every photo and screenshot of your phone that has been taken  on your iOS devices can come into automatically on your Mac? Well the answer is, yes it can.

How to transfer screenshots from iPhone to Mac

iCloud photos
iCloud photos

In this article you will find out how easily you can approach photos and screenshots that has been saved on your IOS device can  directly transfer  on your Mac by doing very simple steps. This little steps  make use of your Photo Stream on iCloud will make your files come into view on your Mac without involving any third apps.

Now to acquire iPhone screenshots automatically on Mac you just need to do, considering you  will be using iCloud so just ensure that you have set O for Photo Stream and for the account you registered.

First, on iPhone and Mac use photo stream and set it, and to do so, go to System Preference on your iPhone > iCloud and ensure that Photo Stream of your device is ‘examine ’.

On your iPhone you can go through Settings and from there go to Photos and set your device Photo Stream to ‘ON’.

Then find the Photo Stream folder in Mac. And when will your Photo Stream folder is on, the iCloud will without Conscious attention will synchronise all your files and photos of your. Considering Photo Stream is in active mode on your Mac, all the  screenshots and photos of your folder on your iPhone that has been saved will synchronise automatically in an unseen folder to your Mac. Just go after with these easy steps to approach these file.

Steps to approach:


1.Go through the Finder on the Dock and float your mouse over it, click on the option and in option there will be ‘Go to Folder’, select it.

2.Now go to the search bar and search of ~/Library/ and when you will find it, hit ‘Go’.

3. Open the hidden library folder and after opening it navigate to App Support, after navigating application support go to iLifeAssetManagement, then to assets,after that sub and then in the field, type ‘png’ on your device and from the popup lchoose ‘Portable Network Graphic Image’.

Photo stream folder
Photo stream folder

4. Click on the save button.

5. Write the name of the folder when the popup appear as anything you can easily remember like ‘Photo Stream’ or ‘screenshot’. Then  Leave the option checked ‘Add To Sidebar’. Hit the ‘Save’ button.

 Now whenever you click a photo or take a screenshot from your iPhone device, on your Finder sidebar you will already have a shortcut named ‘PhotoStream’, you can now see those saved items will visible in that folder.

And When everything is all set, you can simply make a screenshot and can take photos with your IOS device, and approach those images from your Mac device straight away!

iOS Screenshot you can take Directly From Your Mac

IOS screenshot directly from Mac
IOS screenshot directly from Mac

 You can also take an IOS screenshot directly from Mac. The screenshot you take from an IOS device is easy but the screen shots you take will be on your device up till you move them. To move an IPHONE screen shot image from IOS to Mac, there are many methods given,one I have mentioned above. But what if we make it more easy like why to do so much transfer when you can take an IOS screenshot directly from your Mac device.

Now here the IOS capture application will come. IOS capture is a app of OS X which save you from the process of transferring the screenshot and let you take from your iPhone or iPad or ipod live screen shots touch directly via your Mac. I have seen many similar apps to IOS capture but they need requirements and will not do work as good as IOS capture app because IOS capture app has good work functionality and not need any requirements and all.

Download the IOS capture app in which there is 14 day’s free trial will be available and move it to your application folder to use the app. Connect you IOS device that is your iPhone or iPad with the suitable lightning or 30-pin USB cable to your Mac device. Now  there a message will pop up that to enable your device to use the app when you start the IOS capture app. Click enable on it.

Option menu

Now navigate the app or screen which you want to take screenshot. When. You went back to your Mac device, in the IOS capture drop down list you will see your IOS device name.The screenshot of your recent IOS screen when you click the bar capture will be seen on the IOS capture window.

And there is no issue in using IOS capture app because the screenshot that visible on your Mac in the IOS capture app will be of the same high quality that is process natively by your iPhone device in the course of “standard” screenshot capture. From IOS capture application you can take several screen shots in succession. And when you are done you will find a user’s picture folder in mac which have sub folder named “IOS capture” in which you will find  all the IOS screenshot you have taken.

From my outlook, there’s no any copy of screenshot in IOS device photo library, IOS screenshot capture exist only on mac. So it is wonderful if you use IOS capture app because it is best of all. Hope you find this article helpful.

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