Tumblr Alternatives 2020 – Best Blogging Platforms

In todays age getting your views out has never been easier. From Facebook to YouTube anyone with anything to say has access to numerous platforms to say it with. Some prefer to voice their thoughts out loud via podcasts, others prefer to pen their views on paper and then share it with the world. While others prefer to say what they are saying to a camera. Tumblr is unique that it takes something from all these mediums to create a unique sharing platform. On Tumblr, you can share GIFs, photos, posts, audio.

It is particularly popular with youngsters, photographers, movie buffs as well as the LGBTQ community. With such strong progressive credentials, Tumblr hasn’t shied away from controversial topics such as body image, LGBTQ issues. But some fear that Tumblr has taken its progressiveness too far while encouraging healthy dialogue is fine, many people were uncomfortable with Tumblr’s foray into sexual topics with it allowing posting of sexually suggestive content. This is of great concern to many given that a sizable portion of its users are minors. Tumblr has since then banned such content but still many people are still uneasy. So for such people, we bring a list of Tumblr alternatives to ease your distress.

Best Tumblr alternatives

Here are the best Tumblr alternatives


Tumblr Alternatives

Software that seeks to democratize publishing. It even has its own bill of rights such as to run any program for any purpose, to study how a program works and change it as you wish, to redistribute said program and redistribute both original and modified versions of any program on its platform. I know you must be wondering why am I bringing programs into an article about blogging. But here’s the thing people are far more protective about programs then they are about content, so if it is this aggressive in promoting free programs, its content policy ought to be pretty liberal as well.

And isn’t that what all bloggers want –that the content that they are creating reaches as many people as possible. For some the goal is popularity, others especially those looking to make some noise would call it notoriety. Its software is designed keeping accessibility, usability and security in mind. Its approach to its software is minimalistic with a simple and predictable interface. A Tumblr alternative with some serious juice.


Tumblr Alternatives

With Blogger you get to design your blog from the ground up. You pick everything the templates, the layout, the background images. You get your very own blogspot.com domain or buy your own domain with a few clicks. Use your blog to earn money by letting Google display RELEVANT ads not frivolous ads but relevant ones. Tailor your blog content to your audience by finding out who reads your content and what piques their interest with its analytics tool. With Blogger you can save a large number of posts, photos and media online for free. We give this Tumblr alternative 2 thumbs up.


Tumblr Alternatives

Soup which refers to itself as a tumblelog, lets you post links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews and events. Catalogue your browsing experience by adding whatever catches your eye to your soup feed.  Soup is your one stop destination for all your creations. You even have the option of displaying NSFW content.

NSFW means not safe for work.


Tumblr Alternatives

This Tumblr alternative has been in the news a lot lately. Medium was the weapon Jeff Bezos wielded to fire his first shot against David Pecker and his publication The National Enquirer, regarding allegations of blackmail. Medium is about the writer and his content. For it advertising revenue and web traffic are secondary. Quality over Quantity, Engagement, Ideas these are the hallmarks of Medium.


Tumblr Alternatives

It is more of a Twitter alternative than a Tumblr alternative. Here users get to publish posts, follow those who fascinate them and get followed by others in return. You can make posts, put them online, get feedback in the form of comments.


Tumblr Alternatives

This Tumblr alternative seeks to build a service that is long lasting. Its pitch to prospective customers is this, stick with Posthaven and you won’t find yourself changing platforms a few years from now. Look what happened to What’s App, it was acquired by Facebook with the understanding that what makes Whats App unique will stay the same. Fast forward a few years both Whats App founders have left because they were uncomfortable with the direction Whats App was taking. This is exactly what PostHaven promises you IT won’t CHANGE, IT won’t SELL OUT.


Tumblr Alternatives

A Tumblr alternative that calls itself a publishing platform. It supports everything from blogs to news sites. It is open sourced so you know it is trustworthy. Its editing environment is both inviting and familiar with a set of powerful tools to help you create the best possible content. You can schedule your content to go online at particular intervals. It has accelerated mobile support letting your site rank higher in mobile search results. You can collaborate with team mates whether they are fellow authors, editors etc.


Tumblr Alternatives

This Tumblr alternative lets you post from anywhere your phone, your laptop, your email. If you can find a place to type then TypePad will post it. Customize your own blogs, use it to earn money via ads, know your audience through Google Analytics. Typepad is fully hosted so you don’t have to bother about the technical details and after a decade long struggle it is now ranked very highly on Google search results.

Honestly both Soup and Medium have piqued our interests, Medium with its fiery purity and dedication to writing and Soup with its offer to chronicle the best of our online experience. They are both strong Tumblr alternatives.


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