VLC Media Player Alternatives 2019 – Best Media Players for PC

Are you fed up with your VLC Player and looking for an alternative? Who doesn’t use VLC? More importantly, who doesn’t like VLC.  As it turns out, a lot of people prefer VLC media player. VLC has a lot going for it as it is everywhere, it is free and open- sourced which means its code is there for all to see. It is a cross-platform media player, it supports a wide variety of video formats such as mp4, mkv, avi to name a few.  It is written by the VideoLAN project.

VLC Media Player Alternatives

Despite for all its merits, VLC can be quite frustrating at times, Most of  you might have encountered some problems with VLC media player mentioned below:

  • It doesn’t support multiple tabs ANYMORE. Used to be that you could open a number of tabs with VLC. Well that is no longer the case, open more than one tab and both tabs start to stutter.
  • While inserting subtitles or adding Playlists VLC might crash and then it does the whole song and dance of sending an error report.
  • Some manufacturers posit that using VLC for longer periods may damage your speakers permanently.
  • It cannot play broken files. Need I say more.
  • It has trouble with large MKV file formats. While playing such files it is very likely to fumble.

Top 10 VLC alternatives

The list below comes with the top 10 VLC alternatives.

KM Player

A great VLC alternative if you are looking to switch from VLC. Both video noobs and snobs give it high marks. It supports everything from 3GP to .mt2s. It even supports 3D without eating your system resources. It has a built in subtitle editor, playback speed control. It also doubles as an audio player, you can use it to organize your audio files.


Another awesome VLC alternative. It is compatible with a wide variety of Windows OS including XP/7/8/10. It supports a number of languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese etc. It has a vast built in Codec Library capable of supporting a wide variety of video formats everything from mainstream avi and mp4 as well. But we have saved its best feature for last, it automatically detects which movie you are playing, finds the relevant subtitles and syncs them.


VLC alternatives don’t get better than this. It supports all the conventional file formats for both audio and video. It is very light and puts minimal strain on your system. You can also choose from a number of sleek toolbars. It is completely ad free unlike some of its counterparts.

The DivX software packet has three offerings- a media player, a video converter and a media server that lets you connect to other devices. You can enjoy a wide variety of video formats here. The Forward/Rewind feature lets you skip to the favorite part of your movie. Its audio features pave the way for smooth transition between audio files.

Pot Player

A great alternative for disgruntled VLC users. Asides from supporting the usual audio and video file formats; it supports opencodec letting users add whatever codec they want. It lets you preview your favorite scene with snapshots, bookmark your favorite scene. And we can personally vouch that it handles larger file formats better than VLC. It supports various 3D formats and Blu-Ray subtitles.


A really great VLC alternative. Is much more than a video player, it is your one stop destination for all your digital media needs. 100{bd4595633b583259bf68d2fec2ae4f30a23c27eba2e7186e4d43527a79d3e9a5} free and open sourced; it has a huge online community behind it. It supports Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. It even works on TVs. Here you can play videos, audios, and podcasts straight from the internet. The TV Library keeps track of daily viewing with posters, banners, synopsis and cast attached. With Kodi you can install your favorite add ons, record live TV from back ends and even organize your photo collection.

Windows Media Player

A top contender in any VLC alternative list. Created by Microsoft Windows Media Player has been around for a while. A true media player, it lets you play videos, audios, and images. You can rip music from files and burn it to discs, synchronize content with your audio player and purchase or rent music from a number of online music stores.


As far as VLC alternatives go, they don’t make them any better than this. It Supports a wide array of formats and has an on-screen display for status information and visual feedback for keyboard controls. It has a loyal user following who swear by it. Give it a try.

We would recommend you to go with Pot Player, as it plays Higher resolutions better than VLC. Its interface might take some getting use to but it is totally worth it.

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