WOW! Speed Test Review | Is it Accurate?

For those who don’t know WOW! Speed Test is, it is an internet service provider from the Midwest and North of USA. From what we can tell from sources is that the WOW! internet connection is pretty spectacular. Rarely are customers complaining about it.

There are no data caps and speeds go up to 1000mbps. Prices for WOW! are lower than the competition. Netflix ranked performance of this Speed Test, 8th out of 67 ISPs in May 2018. WOW! Internet is currently not owned by any other ISP or telecommunications company.

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How to use WOW! Speed Test

Go to wow speed test website by clicking on this link.

Click on the GO that’s encircled. A page with Ping results will initiate.

Wow Speed Test

Then, the Jitter test follows

The download speed will take some time to load.

Wow Speed Test

The next one will be the upload speed which like the download will take some time to show the results

Wow Speed Test

WOW! Speed Test Results

The test was conducted five times to see if this Speed Test is efficient enough to test our internet speed.

TestPing/LatencyJitterDownload Speed [Mbps]Upload Speed [Mbps]
Speed Test 1212 ms2 ms20.6 Mbps11.7 Mbps
Speed Test 2212 ms2 ms20.95 Mbps15.6 Mbps
Speed Test 3217 ms1 ms14.7 Mbps318.1 Mbps
Speed Test 4215 ms1 ms12.8 Mbps18.1 Mbps
Speed Test 5211 ms1 ms14.7 Mbps35.94 Mbps

The Test results are somehow consistent, although all of the factors have seen some fluctuations.

WOW! Speed Test Review

Let’s see how good is this WOW! Speed test is exactly.

Wow Speed Test

As you can see in the above picture the layout of the website is plain but effective. Once you click on “GO”, the test takes around 40 seconds to download all the necessary information. If your results on the speed test are lower than the speed you’re paying for, it might be time to give WOW! a call to see if it can fix the issue on its end.

There’s nothing like a “No internet connection” notification to make us a bit paranoid that we’re the only ones out there with connection issues. Luckily, you can check the status of WOW! on If there’s no WOW! Internet outage reported in your area, you should give WOW! customer service a call to let them know there’s an issue and get them working on a fix right away.

Bottomline: In conclusion, the WOW! speed test would be appropriate for any kind of internet connection, regardless of what operating system you have and regardless of what ISP you have.

You might want to test the internet speed for the plan you have bought from your Internet Service providers. Well, of course, the internet speed tests will give you enough proof to confront your ISP. But you should keep in mind that there might be various reasons for the results not matching the plan. And not always might your ISP be cheating with you.

To keep yourself on the safe side, you should keep a check on all the factors that might be misleading you with the results. Also, you aren’t causing any harm by cross-checking some facts that might give you some information and tips to make your experience better with the Internet. As both the consumer and provider should be cooperative of each other for development which will benefit both the parties.

Why don’t the results match the respective plan?

This speed test doesn’t measure the speed of your plan, but the speed that’s stretching to your device.

You should note that the money you pay for the internet plan also includes the service. The speed delivered by the ISP’s servers to the Gateway or router is distributed to all the devices you use. It’s a limited amount, so if you add devices, you may need to add more speed to your plan.

Why do the results vary in several devices?

As said earlier, this speed test measures the amount of speed available to a device at a specific time. The results typically differ in different devices and are usually lower than your overall plan speed.

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What are the factors the effect the speed results?

Various factors affect the speed test results

  • Your device limitations
  • WiFi capabilities of your device
  • The number of tools online that are using up speed at the same time
  • Also, the outdated software may lead to wrong results or difference in your plan and results

How much speed do you need?

That depends upon your devices and services you are using. For example, if you are using streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more, you will need a higher speed than average.

How to improve your speed?

While you face the problem of speed for some reasons you don’t know about, but want to improve the speed, you can look at these steps which might come handy when you need it.

Mover closer to your Gateway/router: It is known that speed and coverage decrease with distance. Hence it is recommended that you move closer to your router in an emergency.

Placement of the Router: Place the router somewhere open, avoiding a closed area such as cabinets or closets.

Avoid Obstruction: Do not place your router behind a large household item like refrigerator or closets. Remove it to an area higher than them if possible.

Use Internet TroubleShooting Tool: If the tips as mentioned above haven’t solved your problem, then your home connection must be having a problem. Try using the troubleshooting tools to check what is causing the trouble.

How to verify your Wow! Speed Test connection speed?

Before starting the test, be sure to:

  • Connect your computer directly to your router using an Ethernet cable
  • Disconnect from any VPN service
  • Make sure no other device is connected to your internet
  • Avoid using video or music streaming apps while testing


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