Youtube Alternatives 2019 – 10 Best Video Sharing Platforms

Youtube is the world’s biggest video platform. Every minute 72 hours worth of content gets uploaded. Anyone who wants to be someone is on youtube. Production houses, TV Channels, news channels, wannabe up and comers, anyone with anything to say is on youtube. You have your movie reviewers, tech reviewers, kittens hugging dogs, moms uploading home recipes even spiritual leaders. All of them are aware of youtube’s reach.

But Youtube isn’t what it used to be, it’s copyright claims border on aggravating, its comments section is ground zero for cyberbullying, it’s ad policies are distracting, to say the least, and even its content seems banal. Some have called Youtube a VIDEO DUMPING SITE. Youtube used to be a place for thoughtful commentary, path-breaking content. But now it’s a place of click baits and subscription hounds. An entire generation of social media stars called Youtube Stars has popped up intent on monetizing from youtube. It’s natural to be frustrated with youtube.

Best Youtube Alternatives

Here are the best youtube alternatives



A great youtube alternative. If youtube is the most popular video streaming website, then Dailymotion is the second most popular. Its interface is inviting, its copyright rules aren’t as stringent. Both CBS and BBC have a big presence over there. You can download videos from its app for free. Not just save videos mind you, but actually, download them. HD uploads are limited to PRO users only and you can only upload about 60 minute worth of content at once.



We love this youtube alternative. It is all about quality, not quantity. In Metacafe’s own words it is not a video sharing site but a video sharing destination. It champions entertainment videos, not personal ones. It has a rigorous video filtering process where only 10 percent of uploaded videos ever see the light of day. It’s Video search “footprint” does away with cheap imitations and improves relevancy, An army of about 100,000 reviewers filter out inappropriate or mundane content. Video Rank uses the collective wisdom of the average viewer to rank content. And its approach seems to be working-Metacafe has about 13 million users and growing. Maybe quality over quantity will ultimately prevail.



You must have heard of this youtube alternative. It was supposed to be the youtube of music videos. A joint venture between two of the music industry’s largest players Sony and Universal. Vevo is where music stars upload their music videos. But the video site never really took off, maybe it was because youtube was simply too big or maybe because Vevo never had a coherent business strategy in the first place. Labels made ad revenues off of Vevo even as Vevo kept losing money. But the idea is intriguing; a niche website instead of a fully fledged service may be the path forward.



A great youtube alternative. Twitch is to gaming videos what Vevo is to music videos.  It is more of a gaming community than a video streaming site. Twitch’s live streaming service where users can live stream video games is immensely popular.  Twitch allows fans of a particular game to form a community interact with one another without any interference. It averages hundreds of millions of viewers every month. Clearly, it is doing something right.

The Internet Archive

internet archive

A standout among youtube alternatives. A San Francisco based nonprofit. It strives to be a digital library and its motto is “Universal Access to All Knowledge”. It has accumulated over 15 petabytes of data (1 petabyte is a 1000 terabytes). It even has content that is no longer in circulation. This includes TV shows, movies, documentaries, news broadcasts etc.



We can’t stop gushing about this youtube alternative. Now don’t be alarmed, even though 9GAG has a reputation for uploading what some might call unsavory or downright offensive content, it is still hugely popular. Its video offering 9GAG tv though retaining its cheeky character has plenty of legitimate videos. So if your humor tilts towards the weird and unusual go checkout 9GAG, you will find plenty of lovable weirdos like yourself.



No list of youtube alternatives is complete without it. It has unique features and customizations. For example, you can put passwords on certain videos permitting only a select few to view it. Vimeo has stricter rules about what constitutes quality content. Thus it’s processing load is considerably lighter allowing for better compression of videos.  Because it is more selective in its approach to uploading videos, the crowd on Vimeo tends to be more refined. They are definitely better than the Neanderthals lurking in youtube.



You will fall in love with this youtube alternative. It has deals with ABC and CBS and is known to host a lot of their content. You won’t find a better repository for ABC and CBS content than Veoh. It also streams videos directly from other streaming services such as Hulu without any additional cost.


An up and coming youtube alternative. It is an image hosting service and a video hosting service. While we knew about the former the latter is news to us also. The interface is friendly and inviting but the videos have a 90 second time limit.

D Tube

A different kind of youtube alternative. It is like Reddit for videos. In Reddit, you upload content, upvote content you like and downvote content you dislike and receives monetary rewards for participating. D-Tube is built on Steemit a blockchain based social media platform where users are paid in a currency called Steem dollars. So in D-Tube, you are paid in Steem dollars for uploading content. Since it is based on a blockchain model there are no constraints on what you can upload. There are no ads and here comes the best part-instead of showcasing how many views a video has generated you are shown the amount of money it has accumulated so far. Score one for capitalism.

Here is our complete list of youtube alternatives; we would recommend Vimeo or Daily motion if you are a serious videophile. Though the concept behind D-Tube is intriguing as well.

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