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Have you ever been to some websites, where a pop up emerges for you to post your queries. These are called helpdesks. Helpdesks are meant to help the average customer by providing pertinent details about a product or a service. Help desks aren’t limited to web sites, they can be through toll free numbers, emails etc. Companies may have a helpdesk employee pool of 5 to 500. It all varies from the companies scope and scale.

But helpdesks are crucial to any enterprise. They show that you are willing to accommodate the customer’s needs anytime, anywhere. One of the best helpdesks out there is Zendesk, it is scalable, robust and reliable but don’t let that stop you from checking out the competition.

Best ZenDesk alternatives

Here are the best Zendesk alternatives


fresh desk

A great Zendesk alternative. tops It features instinctive ticket management, made all the better with functions like automation and self-service portal. An excellent Zen desk alternative for small and medium size enterprises.  It pushes the efficiency of your support agents to the maximum and improves their overall customer service performance.

The software provides an array of support features for support teams that are inundated with ticket volumes every day. The app comes with smart automations, self-service portals, gamification, multichannel options and can accommodate various SLA policies.

The software oversees most of the essential ticketing processes so that a small team can handle high volumes of tickets on a daily basis. Multiple Agents can collaborate on tickets, gleaming more insight and providing better solutions.  Tickets are routed automatically to the right person based on the settings. The rules can be overridden however for special cases.

It also keeps track of what customers are saying about you on social media and quickly post a reply for complaints or questions before an issue escalates and a leak becomes a flood.  It’s self service intuitively grasps what customers are looking for and guides them to a bevy of related topics.

Salesforce Essential

sales force essential

A Zendesk alternative built for small teams looking to improve customer interactions and grow conversions. This software is the epitome of efficiency and productivity; it will make sure that requests are routed to the right people in a timely manner.

It has automation rules for processes like task assignment, ticket management so that valuable time doesn’t get wasted by assigning an individual a task he is ill suited for. You can also create a customizable self service portal filled with FAQ’s.

Live Agent

live agent

LiveAgent is a simple yet powerful helpdesk that facilitates live chat, email support, and social media integration. But that’s not all, it also supports ticket management, reporting, and gamification. Live agents features are scalable for a business of any size and its designed in a way that even a small team can accommodate a large number of tickets.

 Tickets are sent from a universal box to the right department based on setups. You can route trivial issues to a knowledge base, freeing up your agents to focus on those with genuine grievances. A universal storage also makes it easy to review an agent’s performance.

It’s social media integration sweeps through social media looking for tags and keywords of intrest to you or your brand. Hows that for a ZenDesk alternative?

Zoho Desk

zoho desk

With Zoho Desk, business organizations can choose how they provide customer support. Customer support mechanisms range from a ticketing system, live chat or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

The launch of its AI assistant Zia has only reinforced its position as a Zendesk alternative. Unlike other AI assistants, Zia not only provides real-time support to customers with deceptively human interactions, but it also assists the agents in resolving customer queries. Zia’s role also includes monitoring the help desk and sending alerts if something is remiss but also to provide managers with relevant insights and predictions that can help them identify issues and resolve them before they escalate.



Samanage is both an IT service desk and asset management software . It just happens to have powerful helpdesk tools. While most helpdesks are geared towards customers this one helps customers and employees alike.

As a helpdesk tool, customers or employees can browse the FAQs on the knowledge base, which can be linked to a hotline email for further support. As your number of resolved incidents increase you can turn them into valuable insights, further improving your resolution process. All in All a great ZenDesk alternative.

Team Support

team support

This app is currently targeting software development start ups but can be used by businesses of any scale. It links several departments together thus gleaming valuable insight and expediting the resolution process.

It provides centralized communication channels that helps different teams get on the same page. Sales, support, I.T, Marketing. Anyone can get in on the action and provide solutions.

It helps you prevent wasting of resources with features such as sophisticated reporting, self-service portal, screencasting, live chat, and ticket automation.Another great addittion to alist of ZenDesk alternatives.

Help Scout


Help Scout is the preferred helpdesk of freelancers and small businesses. It manages to strike the right balance between features and affordability. Its paid plan starts at $20 per user/month, providing you with a reliable set of automation, reporting and integration tools.

With this app, a small team gets access to multiple channels for tickets and a shared inbox to collaborate on difficult tickets. Build your knowledge base by importing your FAQ’s or gathering resolutions.

With a few clicks also you can set automation to address repetitive tasks and issues. Initiate automation by tweaking the subject line, tags or response delay time.

Make your customers feel valued by creating rich customer profiles by assigning notes and tags to associate customers with relevant data. You can use this profile to better serve your customers in the future.

Help Scout also allows for an array of messaging options, you can format emails, insert signature and send a personalized or canned response. Give this ZenDesk alternative a shot.

Vision Desk

vision desk

Vision Helpdesk comes in three modules that can closely be integrated to provide a complete customer service experience.

The Help Desk Software module focuses on ticket management and storing customer data like conversations, calls, chats, emails and social media posts in one place. While the Satellite Desk module is for corporations with several brands or products. It provides individual portals for each brand but organized under a central space. Lastly, the Service Desk module serves as an I.T. service desk management system for asset management and technical requests. When separated these modules are powerful in their own right, when joined together they become unstoppable. A solid ZenDesk alternative.

Jira Service Desk

jira service desk

Basically the service desk is used as a bug tracker to help I.T. identify, locate and resolve glitches.

Issues can be submitted as tickets or resolved through a self-service portal. The open-source platform has all the relevant helpdesk functionalities like customer portal, knowledge base, collaboration interface and performance metrics.

Azure Desk

azure desk

Just because its affordable doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. This is accomplished by letting the users to categorize tickets, assign them to their agent of choosing, and collaborate with fellow agents in real-time. It has a well-designed collaboration suite that allows you to put in special notes meant for the eyes of fellow agents only. This allows for a quicker resolution to tickets

To bring a personal touch to what can be a very remote process, Azure touch allows you to sign your names, add contact numbers and much more. This will make the customer feel valued. An affordable ZenDesk alternative.

So what do you think? Which one’s your pick? We like Azure Touch for its cheap prices and attempts to humanize a very machine oriented process.

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